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When you require a medical expert witness with expertise in gastroenterology, Reliable Clinical Experts provides a pairing process for attorneys looking for the most appropriate expert. The medical branch of gastroenterology focuses on the smooth functioning of the digestive system, also known as the gastrointestinal tract.

This runs the gamut of the human body, with gastroenterologists treating everything from minor dysfunction and discomfort to major illnesses such as cancer. Although gastroenterologists perform endoscopic procedures for diagnostic purposes, they don’t perform surgery. Still, their expertise is crucial — the health of the digestive system determines the health of the human body.

The Medical Practice of Gastroenterology

Gastroenterologists are concerned with the digestion and movement of food, the absorption of nutrients, and the removal of bodily waste.

In looking at this large area—keep in mind that the digestive system can measure up to 30 feet in adults—gastroenterologists will consider the workings of body parts ranging from the pharynx and the esophagus to the stomach, intestines, liver, and gallbladder, among others.

Bearing in mind the wide range of their expertise, gastroenterologists treat many conditions:

  • acid reflux
  • ulcers
  • hepatitis C
  • pancreatitis
  • colon cancer
  • and more

They perform endoscopic ultrasounds on the upper and lower gastrointestinal tracts, as well as other organs where necessary, and colonoscopies to identify colon cancer or polyps.

The vast amount of knowledge and expertise amassed by gastroenterologists in practice is vital for legal cases requiring specialist knowledge and an expert medical witness, whether for cases of medical malpractice or to determine medical issues.

Find a Gastroenterology Expert Witness

Our gastroenterology experts are of high professional standing, holding current, unrestricted, and valid licenses to practice medicine. Their expertise in this field means that the help they give to your case is vital.

We thoroughly vet all our expert witnesses, so you know you’ll be working with someone who can provide a thorough and clear explanation of the medical facts of the case. The testimonies provided by expert witnesses are vital to winning a lawsuit.

At Reliable Clinical Experts, we provide a valuable pairing and service process that matches you with the most appropriate gastroenterology expert witness for your case. Submit a request, and with rapid turnaround, you’ll receive a written report from a gastroenterology expert who will work with you until the resolution of your case.

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