Economic Damages Expert Witness

If you’re representing a client in a civil case, the monetary compensation they can expect will depend largely on whatever expert analysis you can obtain. That’s why attorneys are turning to economic damages expert witnesses to achieve the awards their clients deserve. A primary benefit of hiring an expert witness is that, as an attorney, your attention needs to be focused on the entire case, while economic damages experts and consultants are free to concentrate on the three principal types of damages:

  1. Compensatory damages intended to cover the losses a plaintiff has suffered as a result of the defendant’s misconduct
  2. Nominal damages, which are usually a smaller amount of money designed to compensate the plaintiff for an invasion of their rights
  3. Punitive damages, which act to penalize the defendant for especially foul behavior

Economic damages experts help to identify the future expenses your client is likely to face in the coming years due to the defendant’s misconduct, but they can also help explain to juries why this is the case. Because they can help you win a case while ensuring your client is fairly compensated, they can help you achieve your best prospects for success.

With more than 30 years of experience helping attorneys win their cases for their clients, Reliable Clinical Experts can get you the expert witness services you need. All of our expert witnesses are esteemed professionals with years of experience and are prescreened to ensure they’re skilled at understanding all the complexities of economic damages.

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