Head & Neck Surgery (ENT) Expert Witness

As a lawyer, you might take on a malpractice case that involves treatment related to the head, ear, nose, throat and neck. If you’re working on a case such as this, you’ll need the help of a head and neck surgery expert witness. At Reliable Clinical Experts, we can provide you with the expert medical witness services you and your client need to win your case.

When you work with us, you can expect an ENT specialist who is:

  • Board certified. We only work with experts who have earned degrees from top-ranked universities.
  • Actively practicing nationwide and in Puerto Rico: In addition to being experts in their field, our ENT surgery expert witnesses are practicing physicians.
  • Prescreened. Our professionals are skilled at translating medical terminology so that it can be easily understood by laymen.

Reliable Clinical Experts has more than 30 years of experience helping law firms acquire expert analysis that’s essential for building a winning case.

We don’t believe you should have to wait for our services, so we have a 3-step process to obtain consultation and turnaround in 24 hours. You’ll receive:

  1. A free consultation where we assign a head and neck specialist to your case.
  2. A detailed analysis performed by the expert studying your case’s merits.
  3. A written summary and/or interview with your expert witness so you can properly design a strategy going forward.

Some Areas an Expert Witness in this Field Can Cover

ENT expert witnesses and head and neck surgery expert witnesses are medical professionals who meet the legal definition of an expert witness in the jurisdiction where they will be working and testifying. 

The required qualifications can vary, but generally, an expert witness must have and prove specific knowledge of and experience with their stated area of expertise.

Head and neck surgery expert witnesses have extensive education, training, experience, skill, and/or knowledge in surgical procedures that involve the head or neck. That includes the ears, throat, thyroid, larynx, nasal cavities, tonsils, salivary glands, jaws, and many other areas specific to the head and neck region.

How an Expert Witness Can Help Your Case

With their in-depth knowledge of surgical procedures that involve the head and neck, these medical expert witnesses weigh in on the merits of a personal injury or medical malpractice claim. They understand and help define the standard of care that’s required in surgical procedures involving any areas of the head and neck.

If your client is suing or being sued in relation to the following surgeries, an ENT expert witness can provide valuable legal assistance: 

  • Parotid surgery
  • Oral cavity surgery
  • Some dental procedures
  • Larynx operations, such as laryngoplasty
  • Laryngeal cancer surgery
  • Thyroid surgery
  • Tonsillectomy
  • Ear procedures, like tympanostomy for ear tubes
  • Sinus and nasal procedures, like rhinoplasty
  • Radial head surgery
  • Neck lymph node dissection
  • Tumor removal from the sinuses and nasal cavity
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery for the head and neck

There are also many other surgeries that may fall under the purview of a head and neck surgery expert witness. 

When You Need a Qualified Head & Neck Surgery Expert Witness?

Because an expert witness can help you assess the strength and validity of a claim, early case involvement is key. Whether your client is the injured party or the defending medical professional or insurer, it’s vital that you gather all the pertinent facts as soon as possible, which may mean bringing in an ENT expert witness as soon as you’re aware that head or neck surgery played a role in your case.

If you’re working with a client whose claim may require the services of a head and neck surgery expert witness or ENT expert witness, contact Reliable Clinical Experts to locate a qualified candidate. Call (855) 963-3625 to speak with a knowledgeable representative.


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    ENT Experts

    Dr. P****p W. P***an

    (ENT Surgery)

    This expert is well trained in all aspects of the field, including pediatric and adult ENT, head and neck surgery and in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. He has been practicing since 1989. He is also named in Castle Connolly’ Top Doctors for the past 15 years.

    Dr. Z**i O*****l


    This expert has over 18 years of experience in Otolaryngology. He is a graduate of Cornell University and completed his residency in Otolaryngology at University of Southern California.

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