What Is a Telemedicine Expert Witness?

While the practice of conducting healthcare examination via telecommunication has been growing in recent years, the arrival of COVID-19 has dramatically increased its use. While there are several benefits that come with telemedicine, in the midst of a pandemic, nothing is more important than protecting the health of the patient and the doctor. By allowing doctors and patients to interact over a telehealth platform, a face-to-face encounter is unnecessary, thereby preventing the spread of the virus. Even after a vaccine’s been developed, however, telemedicine will be an essential part of the healthcare landscape. And with telemedicine come the potential for malpractice and the demand for expert witnesses to assist with the lawsuits that will result. If you’re a lawyer embarking on a telemedicine malpractice lawsuit, here are some things you should know about telemedicine expert witness services.

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What Is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is whenever a healthcare professional utilizes telecommunications technology to provide services for a patient that would usually be done during an office visit. All technology must comply with regulations such as those imposed by HIPAA and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH), as well as medical practice standards and medical licensing boards. The types of telecommunication technology that doctors rely on include videoconferencing, peripheral digital medical devices, and remote image capturing or patient monitoring.

Benefits of Telemedicine

Besides the rather obvious benefits of telemedicine when practiced during a pandemic, there are several other reasons telemedicine is preferred by both medical professionals and patients. Due to the increased accessibility of patient data collection and analytics and algorithm-induced diagnosis, errors can be minimized, resulting in better outcomes. Furthermore, many patients live in remote areas where access to a hospital, doctor’s office, or clinic can be difficult. Affording these patients the ability to meet with physicians remotely makes it more likely they can receive medical treatment when they need it. Also, for those who live in areas with plenty of nearby medical options, the convenience associated with telemedicine allows doctors to see more patients over the course of a typical day than they ever could with traditional office appointments.

Assistance with Telemedicine Malpractice

Predictably, as telemedicine becomes more common, so does the risk of malpractice. If a doctor prescribes medicine to a patient who lives in a different state, for instance, then they may have exceeded the scope of their medical licenses, leaving them liable for damages. A telemedicine expert medical witness is familiar with both the technological and legal implications that come with this newly evolving practice. Because the details can be confusing to a non-specialist, having an expert witness who can clearly articulate the circumstances of a case to a jury can be of inestimable value to you in your effort to secure a victory for your client.

Preparing Your Case

As an attorney, you can reap the benefits of having a medical expert witness as part of your team before a trial even begins. An expert in telemedicine can paint a clear picture for you of how your client has been impacted by the malpractice and can put a dollar value on the resulting damages. They can also help you decide in advance if a case is worth pursuing, and provide experienced analysis so you may reach a settlement with the opposition without ever having to go to trial.


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