The Importance of Medical Legal Consultation

The Importance of Medical Legal Consultation

Medical legal consultations are important for any malpractice case. There are three major reasons why.

Prevents Unnecessary Litigation

Not every patient complaint deserves a trial, even if a patient pursues litigation. Medical experts can review a case for any possible violation of ordinary standards of care on the medical provider or facility’s behalf. If your medical legal consultation finds no grounds for litigation, meaning there was no malpractice from a certified medical expert’s standpoint, then this can save you time and money going to trial to defend your facility or medical care.

Acts as a Witness

Medical legal consultations are the first step toward finding an expert witness who will represent your side of a case in court. Medical experts will review all relevant documents pertaining to patient care, including hospital records, clinical visits, and more. They will investigate these records for signs of medical malpractice, including negligence or abuse, and report their findings in court so that the case falls in your favor.

Provides Medical Expertise

Medical legal consultants are board-certified medical experts. In other words, they are actually trained and educated in medicine and healthcare practice, and know the standards of care that physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers must uphold. Legal medical expert companies staff individuals in a variety of specialties and sub-specialties so they can provide the relevant expert for virtually any malpractice case, from cancer treatment to dermatological surgery, and more.

When you need an expert witness to support your side of a malpractice case, turn to Reliable Clinical Experts, LTD, a resource for actual medical professionals who are familiar with malpractice law and can review medical records for signs of either malpractice or suitable patient care. Our experts can easily distinguish malpractice from acts of god, patient non-compliance, etc. We staff medical experts in the continental US, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, and we are available to assist you with virtually any type of malpractice suit.

Before you call an attorney, contact us to discuss your situation. We offer free initial consultations and, if your case goes to court, the same person who reviews your records for malpractice will continue to support your case, and will even provide testimony in court on your behalf.

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