What Is a Brain Injury Expert Witness?

What Is a Brain Injury Expert Witness?

If you’re providing legal representation to someone who’s suffered an accident, you may require the services of a medical professional. Similarly, if you yourself has been injured — or you know someone who has — it could be helpful to know of someone you can rely to provide an analysis of your injuries, and expert testimony should you so require it. Thankfully, expert medical witnesses are available who can offer their services at your time of need. If you’ve suffered a brain injury, here are some things to consider.


Man doctor neurologistThe Role of Medical Expert Witnesses

Medical expert witnesses serve several roles in a case. They can examine the patient before the trial starts to see if there’s even a case worth pursuing. This can be tremendously helpful whether you’re the victim or the lawyer, as you don’t want to have to go through the ordeal and expense of a trial if it will ultimately be fruitless. If you proceed to trial, expert witness can provide medical records, documentation, written statements, visual aids, and of course, testimony. With the full weight of an esteemed reputation and medical history behind them, expert medical witnesses can be instrumental in the success of a case.

Brain Injury Expert Witness

Every personal injury trial is going to require a different type of medical expert. Sometimes a case may be simple enough that a general physician will do. If you’re dealing with a brain injury, however, you will have to rely on the expertise of a brain injury specialist. Not only can they provide invaluable testimony, but before the trial even starts, you’ll want the opinion of an experienced professional on whether a trial is worth pursuing.

Finding the Right Expert Witness

You can’t just go to a hospital to locate the expert you’ll want for your case. There are organization specifically organized to help people in your situation. Medical expert witness services retain skilled professionals in several disciplines (such as brain surgery) in order to assist you in your court case. To find the expert that will work best for you, ask other attorneys and clients for advice. See if they’ve used one of these services and ask them their experiences with them. After you’ve narrowed it down, visit their offices for interviews. If you’ve done your research — so you know they’re honest and talented — choose the service that you’re most comfortable with.


Asian male doctor discussing diagnosis with patientA Close Relationship

Once your legal team has found the best brain injury medical expert, that person will become an important part of your legal team. Personal injury trials can be challenging, but it helps if you have the right medial professional by your side.

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